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To date I have attempted all the obvious and dappled in quite a few of the extremes, however I have not yet discovered my sport. The chosen one that will stain my every thought, give me the heebie jeebies every time i gear up to go. I want that one and only passion that will define me as a person. I want people to introduce me as, this is Orla the skier or the diver, the cycler or the boxer.I want to be good, not pro, never pro, but pretty damn good. So from here on in, I will document my quest to find my sport in the hope that in the info I provide I might ignite in you a thirst to find your sport too.

This blog also documents the world of adventurers around me, the people I aspire to one day work alongside and be more like.

Contact me: orlaomuirifcj@hotmail.com

16 responses to “About Me

  1. Pretty awesome intro that. For what it’s worth, I’ve been doing much the same for quite some time, have just turned 30 and still haven’t found my sport. But the fact is, I’ve had great fun looking! Am sure you will too.

    • Thanks Alan, by the looks of your twitter you sure do seem to be enjoying the searching. That gives me hope! What’s the latest one’s you’ve tried?

  2. Well, after deciding that the actual sports side of adventure was proving a bit tough to maintain, although I did organise a cricket match at Everest base Camp in 2009: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6xrk3EiVds.

    The adrenaline stuff like bungee jumping, rafting, paragliding etc was fun but costly unless you become a guide/trainer, and climbing has been ruled out by injury so I now concentrate mainly on trekking in weird and wonderful places (Afghanistan and Pakistan this year) and I find the planning of expeditions brilliant, although less so when you don’t always get to go on them! I helped plan a 30-day boat trip down the Congo recently as part of my job and was gutted to not be a part of it. The trip itself seemed to encapsulate a lot of what I love about adventure – an awful lot of tedious times which get lit up by sudden moments of mayhem and magic. And of course, on during the tedious times you just look around you and think: “Wow, look at where I am!”

  3. Woah, I am sufficiently impressed! Any chance I could interview you about your life at some stage or even just have a chat so I can get on track with my own?

  4. Of course, more than happy to. If you’re in London any time then that’s easy, but a weekend phone call is no problem either, most of the time!

  5. Good luck Orla, and great article by James Thacker, thanks. I think I have found my challenge, a high altitude climb, but it is one step at a time! Good luck!

    • Cheers! Thats awesome that you have found your passion and got a challenge to aim for. Have you set a date for the big day (aka the start of the climb)?

      • A while off..for Cho Oyu, 2014 if all goes well. But climbing in New Zealand regularly, and three peaks in Nepal next year…can’t wait. And once again, great article, looking forward to more…!!

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